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  1. The slow burn continues in the U.S. average of around 20k new cases and 1,250 deaths daily. The epidemic’s first wave is waning a bit, slowly.

    The pandemic’s epicenter has shifted to Latin America. Brazil will soon be number two on the list of confirmed cases (you know who number one is – “badge of honor”). If you think the U.S. has underreported deaths, Brazil has taken it to another level. My guess is that both cases and deaths are triple of what’s being reported.

    Of course, all this calls into question experts’ beliefs that the coronavirus doesn’t transmit as well in heat and sunlight. I know I’ve said this on multiple occasions. It’s important to note that where Brazil and Chile are getting a disproportionate number of cases is in their Southern states or provinces, where it’s cooler as these areas are in late autumn. Another thing to keep in mind is that crowded conditions enhance transmissibility, even in heat and sunlight.

    Africa remains largely unscathed. Some of this may be weather-related. Some of it is also a function of the relative lack of travel between countries and within countries. As far as deaths are concerned, the African continent in particular is very young, which may explain the comparatively low death rate.

  2. The Navajo Nation (Utah, Arizona, New Mexico) is currently the new hotspot in the U.S. for COVID-19. From what I’ve heard this morning, it’s really bad there now.

        1. It has always bothered me. What we did to the native people disgusts me and we continue to treat them horribly.

  3. The dates are fixed. I’m not sure why the edit I did did not carry other than something my phone did, because I had to do both updates via phone this morning.

  4. From what I can tell so far, it appears most area colleges want to start in the fall according to their regular schedules. The feedback from the medical community seems positive overall.

    It also appears that masking in public will be the order of the day for at least the remainder of the year, unfortunately.

      1. Thanks Vicki. I would say whatever the 2020-21 Academic Calendar looks like will certainly be dependent on that second COVID wave late fall/early winter. Hopefully that wave NEVER arrives!

        I do wonder if the Christmas break by itself can prevent another outbreak, much like February vacation in K-12 school with the “regular” influenza.

  5. The state of Alaska is dropping all COVID-19 related restrictions effective 8AM Friday. This will be a full reopen of their economy with all businesses in all sectors permitted to operate under normal, pre-pandemic conditions. I believe they’re the first state to take that action. Obviously not quite an apples to apples comparison with the Lower 48, but still setting a pretty big precedent…


    1. Thanks for sharing.

      Alaska has done well, in part because there’s been so little travel to and from Alaska and extremely low population density. Problem for Alaska will be travel. I doubt it will crack down like Hawaii has. But, `importing’ cases will be an issue.

      1. I still find it troubling in regard to data collection on weekends. Updated info doesn’t arrive until end of day on Tuesdays it seems.

  6. WHO’s Dr. Tedros was prescient when he declared on January 30th that the biggest problem with respect to Covid-19 will be in healthcare systems in low- and middle-income countries. We’re witnessing that now in Brazil, Mexico, and Russia. All three have seriously underreported cases and deaths. But, all three are dealing with major outbreaks. Brazil, in particular, is seeing exponential growth in cases and deaths. At least 100 nurses in Brazil have already died.

    In the last 24 hours the world’s number of cases grew by 106,000, the largest single day increase. Most of the growth is in low- and middle-income countries.

    1. All the more reason to NOT have the Boston Marathon in September. We do not need the entire world coming here for an entire 3-day weekend. It was cancelled for the last pandemic in 1918 so it would hardly be unprecedented.

      Fwiw, Mayor Walsh actually believes Gov. Baker is going “too fast” as it is. Hopefully the BAA will show good judgement as well.

        1. I bet he’s the “slowest” in the nation actually. I believe he’s like baby bear’s porridge…”just right”.

          The only complaints from what I’ve heard is from some restaurant owners who want to open for seated customers NOW. There very well may be others but they have been the most vocal so far.

          1. I love the baby bears porridge….so funny that I thought of the same thing the other day.

            Lots of unhappy people out this way. I’ve taken to just hiding many FB posts. They worry me. Lots of angry folks. And I get that. But no one gives reasons, just insults. And I don’t get that

  7. I spoke tonight with a cousin of Macs who lives in NC. They are moving to phase 2…tomorrow, I believe.

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