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  1. Good morning C-19 and thank you Mr. TK for providing this

    I start the day concerned about 2 things:

    1. A resurgence of the virus where states starting opening prematurely and the possibility of a deadly 2nd wave, not unlike what happened with the Spanish Flu in 1918-1919.

    2. A new outbreak in Northern China, where the virus may have mutated, taking longer to become ill after exposure with a longer period of being asymptomatic while contagious. This could wreak havoc with trying to contain the virus.

    1. That is the beginning of the second wave in China although it may mutate further.

    1. Think about all of those lives lost and the family members and friends left behind. Just think of the impact of this. It has probably affected a million lives or so. Staggering.

      And we have a president who chooses to do NOTHING about it!

      Mind boggling. Remember come November!!!

      1. We should have started to wear masks immediately after the pandemic was announced. Instead we were first told by the medical community that “healthy” people should NOT wear masks! Only “sick” people should wear them.

        This virus had a good 2-3 week’s head start. Many lives still “may” have been saved.

        1. Of course. This country’s response was PATHETIC!!

          As they say: “Piss Poor Planning yields Piss Poor Results”!!

  2. I don’t plan on going to too many places in the near and medium future.

    There are new studies about public bathrooms being places where the virus can be more serious: toilet flushing, people too close stall to stall, and the air dryers for hands, and the astounding number of people that don’t wash their hands (I worked in retail for over 15 years, I’ve seen some THINGS…) or even use the toilet properly (feces is NOT paint, people!).

    And buildings with AC in the upcoming warm weather, with old and broken HVAC systems?

    No thank you.

    1. You sound exactly like my wife and you are both oh so correct!

      Everyone we know keep telling us NOT to go out. We are both 72, so you
      can understand why. I don’t know how I got to be this old. 🙂

    2. I had not thought of HVAC. My SIL just started his own HVAC business. He has been planning it since last fall. Timing stinks but this is a good thing for him to keep in mind. Thanks Krista

      1. My Wife sure did. IN fact she is afraid to install and run our
        window units.
        Our neighbor’s son is a Boston EMT who routinely transports
        COVID patients.

        1. I never could understand why some who after washing their hands they don’t take the time to dry them. They just wiggle their fingers in the air and leave with still wet hands. YUCK!!!

          I don’t know about women but I’ve seen too many men do it all the time.

          To all ladies here at WHW…do some women not dry their hands after washing or strictly a “guy” thing?

        2. Yikes JPD. Are ⎌Ac winds units on same side as his house. Do you have a setting for inside air only? I can ask my SIL what he thinks if you would like

  3. I really hope that this country will do mail-in voting this November. I was uncomfortable at the polls to vote as it was back in early March even when the pandemic was just beginning. I would want to be a poll volunteer all day long in these times.

    If we all have to go to the polls in person then social distancing will be a “must” to say the least. Not to mention even longer lines.

    1. You can now request absentee ballots in MA with exposure to covid as a reason. My oldest has. We all did today. I’ll post the link to the pdf if you need it

  4. JPD. I spoke to my SIL. He said he will look into window ACs to see what would work. We have a minisplit to supplement our Ac which stinks. It is my understanding it does not pull outside. It just recirculates in the room. He said if you send me a photo of your electric panel he can tell you if it would handle a mini, but I seem to think you said it would not. He didn’t think a mini was cost effective for you tho

    Also, if you have questions, he said please email them. My email changed but TK has my new one.

    1. I’m asking to learn ….. but, also …… a risk/reward thought on this is important. I remember from past summers how tough the heat and humidity is for Mrs JpDave and you don’t want to solve one issue at the expense of another, which could be just as or more harmful.

        1. Thanks Vicki !! I will read up on these !!

          Definitely hope JpDave will be able to have AC this summer !!

        2. Well, the 2nd and 3rd articles make me feel better about A/C and coronavirus.

          Would I have interpreted them correctly, that the A/C’s airflow can be bad, if the virus is in your house because it can help blow the air molecules around and therefore the virus around.

          But, if the virus isn’t in your house, then the A/C is not likely to do any harm.

          This is for window units.

          1. That was my take also. Our window units used to have an option for indoor air only also

  5. Despite not doing a lockdown – though social distancing rules were in place, and gatherings were prohibited – Stockholm’s percentage of people with antibodies is a paltry 7.3%. A far cry from what Swedish public health officials had been saying since March: “We’ll be at herd immunity by the end of May.”

    This means that the vast majority of Swedes are still susceptible to the virus. Also, Sweden’s death rate is rising while other nations in Europe have seen a steady decline. Numbers of new cases have been flat in Sweden and have decreased elsewhere.

    By the way, I still don’t believe the NYC numbers on immunity. They need a re-do with the improved tests. April results are an outlier at 20%, compared to anywhere between 2% (Seattle), 5% (Madrid), 7% (Stockholm), 9% (Boston – unfortunately, NOT a random sample; they only tested individuals in high-risk areas), and 10% (Wuhan).

    U.S. numbers today aren’t great. Certainly having over 27k new cases and 1,350 new deaths is not encouraging. But still I see improvement from week to week. Testing positivity continues to decline; ICU usage and hospitalizations in most states as well. It’s not a dramatic drop-off, but it’s going down.

    1. Stockholm has been the trouble spot in Sweden. I cannot recall if I said that before or not. But it is not representative of Sweden as a whole…or sure was not. Interestingly, my friend with family throughout Sweden lives in NYC

  6. I think the Governor is starting to move a bit to fast in my opinion where the mayor of Boston is still extremely concerned & not willing to take the chance the Governor is .

    1. I respect your opinion …..

      I think Boston and other more heavily populated areas have to move at a different pace than less populated areas.

      Its a tough balance.

      I think the economy has to move forward at some point. I think the Governor has offered an approach that’s one of the more guarded approaches across the US.

      Just my opinion 🙂 🙂

        1. We are, thanks !

          Remote learning is adding some occasional stress, other than that, all is good !

          Hope you and your family are well !!

      1. Tom, agree with you on this one. Governor is right on the money. Mayor’s concern for the city itself is legit, but may be a little over-done at this point. None of us can really know for sure.

        1. Tk that’s the tough part the uncertainty. Walsh really needs to call the race off regardless of how things go this summer . No need to wait it out . I actually think it would be a slap in the face if the marathon was held in my opinion .

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