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  1. As most of you (if not all) know by now, after avoiding getting it for 2 years and 8 months (since the start of the pandemic) I finally was caught by covid 19, testing positive late at night on November 24. Tracing back to symptoms I had attributed to 2 days of intense yard cleanup with leaf mold, dust, etc., I believe I actually displayed my earliest symptoms on November 21.

    Thankfully, I had been practicing general safety while out and about, and visiting through the holiday. However, I notified all people I was around that I could, to let them know of the potential. So far, other than my son, who spent much of that time with me, nobody else that I am aware of has tested positive. My son and I are about 36 hours apart in the progression of this, him lagging me.

    My case: Mild to moderate. Scratchy throat to start, sinus issues throughout, occasional cough that was far more painful and less productive to start then switched to a less painful and more productive type. Occasionally the tickle in the throat is so strong that the cough can be pretty intense, however I have gotten that with things as simple as the common cold, so it’s nothing new for me. I had fever for about 48 hours, the first one recorded late Thursday night when I tested positive for the first time, and the last time being Saturday early evening. By midnight that night, the fever had vanished and has not returned. Body aches were relatively minor – I’ve had far worse. Tiredness was there, but only notable during the earlier part of it, after which my energy level came up to nearly normal. Overall, I would equate the experience to mild influenza at worst. My 2001 bout with influenza was far worse.

    My son has fared a little worse than I have, 4 days of fevers spiking around 102, similar sinus symptoms to me, mild headache, mild to moderate cough, but more tired than I was. His corner-turn into the recovery phase seems a little slower than mine was, but he’s getting there now.

    I will begin re-testing today to monitor for negative, and he will follow shortly after, as we cannot commence the great Christmas decoration project at my mom’s until we are clear. We’ll still get it done – maybe just a few days later than planned! Lights will still be up, and ready to go on by December 1!

    Sadly, he had to miss singing at our city’s festival for lighting up the common for the holidays, but he still may be able to salvage his concert performance with the same group on December 4. Just need a negative test and no symptoms in time. Fingers crossed. I’m actually supposed to run the AV equipment for a live stream for that event too – so we’re hoping!

    1. So sorry you and your son have to go through this, especially with all the precautions you’ve taken since this pandemic began.

      Any ideas as to who transmitted Covid to you in the first place? I don’t know how much more convincing can be done regarding vaccinations.

      1. I have 2 theories. I’ll never know for sure. At this point I don’t even care, it’s done and we’re just recovering and did the best we could not to pass it on.

        I’m pretty sure my bout was less severe because I got my booster on 11-3.

  2. Thanks TK.

    Not sure if this side of the blog is worth it anymore. The previous week only had two postings between Vicki and myself. I guess most folks have moved on from Covid-19.

    Today (11/28/22) marks 1000 days of Covid-19 in MA. The state’s first official case was on 3/2/20. Current Covid vaccination rate is only 12% which is very sad indeed.

    TK – Maybe you should go back to the daily C-19 page? I have noticed that these weeklies disappear after awhile anyways. Or perhaps folks can make any Covid comments on the WHW side from time to time?

    1. They don’t really completely disappear. They go off the “recent post” list after 5 days, but they can still be found in the archives section by scrolling back a little bit.

      I’m going to stay with the weekly posts for now and eliminate them once in for all when the pandemic is declared over. I never really intended for this to become a health blog but when the C-19 convo started to take over the weather section I had to move it in fairness to those who didn’t want to discuss the pandemic on a weather blog. Definitely the best compromise there could be. But it’s only temporary. My intention is to keep this as a weather blog (despite some other subjects, like sports, coming up on the daily discussion in the comments).

      There are other things planned down the road a bit but those will be announced in due time. 🙂

      1. Actually, President Biden declared the pandemic “over” a couple of months ago on a 60 Minutes interview. 😉


        1. Well if I decide to go by him, this will be the final post. We’ll see. 😉

          My guess is that he has no recollection of saying that now.

      1. Agree. Part of the reason for increased cases, especially RSV in kids, Is covid lowers your immunity for around 8 months. So many children have had covid that RSV is now a huge problem in schools. Every health expert I follow of course says a good deal of this was avoidable

        1. 100% yes Vicki. Not talked about enough. Both my kids have been struggling to stay healthy since having COVID in Sept. back to back ingestions and viruses. It’s been brutal. On a side note, my mother-in-law and nephew tested positive for COVID last night. Likely from our Thanksgiving gathering.

          1. Oh no, Ace. I have tears just hearing this. I’m so very sorry.

            I spoke to Mac’s brother last night. His family drove to southern CA for the first get together with his wife’s family since pre Covid. There were 24 in total. So far 10 have Covid including Mac’s brother and SIL and his 92 year old mother in law. She was released from hospital yesterday.

            I am so sick and tired of the anti mask rhetoric and our complete inability to listen to our very best health experts.

            1. Interesting Vicki. I had no idea that there is a correlation between RSV and Covid in kids. I assumed they were pretty much unrelated.

              So sorry about your mother-in-law and nephew. Hope they recover soon.

              1. They aren’t related as much as covid causes the immune system to break down for about eight months. Sadly, it is the eight months when adults and especially kids are exposed to so much.

  3. During this holiday season, we really need to get our flu and Covid-19 vaccinations way, way up. I heard somewhere that the current vaccination rates so far are only 12%, not sure if that is accurate though. Scary if true.

    1. It’s a good message in general Philip, not taking anything from it. The issue we’re having now is we’re not healthy enough to get vaccinated. I’ve been trying to get both my kids a flu shot and COVID booster for my son but their pediatrician won’t do it unless they’re healthy for an extended length of time, and I agree with him. When your immune system is low or being overworked, a vaccine is less effective since your body can’t adequately mount a strong response.

  4. Oldest daughter had been struggling with some minor virus that drs couldn’t figure out. She is just better and ready for a flu vaccine and found a tick on her yesterday so is on doxycycline while it is sent out for testing.

    As an aside, I continue to be discouraged by bostons healthcare system. Her pcp wanted her to drive nearly an hour to see tick bite. Finally she agreed to a virtual appt. Barely looked at bite, prescribed doxycycline and collected a nice sum of money. For many, including self employed folks, this is costly. Partners healthcare is not on my good list this Christmas

    1. Ace and I eluded to PART of The problem a few days ago . So many are sick that they cannot be vaccinated…for flu and covid.

      Key contributor and I know no one wants to hear it..,,,school and relaxed measures.

  5. In totally different public health news, the Dutch announced that youth smoking is increasing and has been doing so for several years. It was already MUCH higher than the U.S. And now this concerning trend. The government is making a package of cigarettes $11. Will that make a difference? This is one area in which the U.S. has done very well. It has had much more effective campaigns and regulations against smoking than Europe.

  6. This is horrific

    From the Boston Globe. I don’t subscribe so this is all I can see

    Boston Children’s faced months of death threats and hate mail. Here’s how the staff are coping.
    Since August, Boston Children’s Hospital, widely considered the top pediatric hospital in the country, has been the target of a barrage of hate mail, death threats, and vitriolic and antisemitic messages. Many appeared to have been spurred by an anti-LGBTQ+ Twitter account that attacked the hospital for providing care to transgender children and teens.

    The attacks come as caregivers at Children’s and beyond are already stretched thin from a surge of respiratory infections, a historic hospital capacity crisis, and several years of pandemic-induced exhaustion.

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