Thursday November 9 2023 Forecast (7:32AM)

DAYS 1-5 (NOVEMBER 9-13)

A low pressure wave on a frontal system provides unsettled and chilly weather today. The frontal boundary will lift just far enough north to allow the South Coast to be relatively warmer than the chilly, raw feel the rest of the region has. Drier air arrives tonight as the low pressure wave pulls the frontal boundary to the south. We then have generally dry and chilly weather for Friday through the weekend and Monday as well. Upper level low pressure will be the cause of plenty of clouds and perhaps a spot shower of liquid and/or frozen precipitation on Friday, then we’re generally in the clear for the weekend before another upper low brings more clouds again Monday.

TODAY: Cloudy. Rain moves through from west to east this morning and ends midday. Highs 43-50 except 50-57 immediate South Coast. Wind NE up to 10 MPH except variable to SW for a while along the South Coast.

TONIGHT: Mostly cloudy. Lows 34-41. Wind N up to 10 MPH.

FRIDAY: Mostly cloudy. A spot shower of rain / sleet / graupel possible. Highs 45-52. Wind N up to 10 MPH.

FRIDAY NIGHT: Clearing. Lows 25-32. Wind NW 5-15 MPH.

SATURDAY: Mostly sunny. Highs 45-52. Wind NW 5-15 MPH.

SATURDAY NIGHT: Mostly clear. Lows 23-30. Wind NW up to 10 MPH.

SUNDAY: Mostly sunny. Highs 41-49. Wind NW 5-15 MPH.

SUNDAY NIGHT: Mostly clear. Lows 26-33. Wind NW up to 10 MPH.

MONDAY: Variably cloudy. Highs 43-50. Wind NW up to 10 MPH.

DAYS 6-10 (NOVEMBER 14-18)

High pressure brings dry weather November 14-16, starting chilly then moderating. High pressure shifts offshore late next week opening the door for milder air but also an increased chance for wet weather as a trough of low pressure approaches from the west.

DAYS 11-15 (NOVEMBER 19-23)

Low pressure exits with a shot of dry, colder air early in the period. A west to east flow pattern dominates for the balance of the period, and despite mostly dry weather, watch for 1 or 2 quick-moving disturbances to bring clouds and brief precipitation threats. Temperatures variable but averaging near to above normal.

41 thoughts on “Thursday November 9 2023 Forecast (7:32AM)”

  1. Thanks TK !

    On highway cams, I can see traces of snow starting around Hooksett. Once you get north of Concord, NH, appears thereโ€™s a dusting or thicker and checking in on the Lyndon State webcam in the northeast Kingdom of VT, maybe an inch or 2 of snow.

  2. Ocean temp is 53.8 and ever so slowly
    coasting downward. I have lost my average data as I inadvertently deleted my old weather app that had that data.
    So I am not sure how close to average that is. I suspect that it is a couple of degrees above average, but getting closer to average every day now.

      1. I suspect you are correct.

        I have the data in some Access tables, but it does not include
        the last 5 or 6 years. IF I get ambitious one day, I will download the last 5 or 6 years of data and write a little script either in Access VB or Power Shell to compute the current average temperature for the date entered.

        Seems the information would be useful to many of us, so it may be well worth doing. I had it all in my weather app
        as an XML file, but it is now long gone. ๐Ÿ™‚

        1. July nighttime lows were above normal maybe now have bearing on the above normal water temperatures. 58ยฐ southeast of Block Island.

  3. Thanks, TK.
    (The Cape work day happened successfully on Tuesday; thanks for your helpful input! The afternoon was gorgeous.)

  4. Thanks, TK

    I saw blue on my radar in and around the Boston this morning around 0600 . I checked in with my son who was on his way to his job site in Somerville and he said he was driving through rain.

    Philip, hope everything is okay! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Robert,

    I found my Buoy data downloads and I have 30 years worth up through 2017.

    So, I looked at 2017 and on 11/9 the Boston Buoy water
    temp was 51.8 a full 2 degrees lower than today.
    of course it doesn’t mean that 51.8 is average, it just means that today’s temp is 2 degrees lower than it was 6 years ago
    on the same date.

    I find it interesting just the same. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Left the house at 7:45 this morning and was surprised to see a very light coating of slush on my windshield. A cold rain was falling at that time but there was definitely frozen precip on my car that was easily pushed away via my windshield wipers.

    1. Hey, it must be getting close to that season!

      Welcome back Arod! Nice to see you post. Hope we will be seeing MUCH more of you as time moves forward. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Very cool. In my mind I want to think the album I had was with the Hindenburg.

      Long time ago but think stairway to heaven was always a favorite of mine

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