Monday June 29 2020 Forecast


DAYS 1-5 (JUNE 29 – JULY 3)

Low pressure, with more potency than most forecast indicated, triggered quite the thunderstorm event for a good portion of the region during Sunday. We’ve heard the stories by now, so it’s time to look ahead to what else it has in store for us, and that is 3-days of unsettled weather to end the month of June and start July. I think today and Tuesday will the 2 coolest and least sunny of the 3 days, but any sun that does occur will help fuel the development of showers and possible thunderstorms, which will be around all 3 days anyway. Timing-wise, I think activity can occur pretty much any time today and Tuesday and will be weighted more toward afternoon favoring areas further south and west on Wednesday. The upper low finally loses its grip on us with a sliver of high pressure to make Thursday a nicer summer day, and while Friday also looks dry it will be cooler with a new surge of Canadian air via the Canadian Maritimes.

TODAY: Mostly cloudy to partly sunny. Scattered showers and thunderstorms. Highs 68-73 coast, 73-78 inland. Wind calm then NE up to 10 MPH.

TONIGHT: Partly to mostly cloudy. Risk of a shower early. Lows 56-63. Wind NE under 10 MPH.

TUESDAY: Partly sunny. Scattered showers and thunderstorms. Highs 68-73 coast, 73-78 inland. Wind NE up to 10 MPH.

TUESDAY NIGHT: Partly cloudy. Patchy fog. Risk of a shower early. Lows 56-63. Wind NE up to 10 MPH.

WEDNESDAY: Partly sunny. Isolated afternoon showers and thunderstorms, favoring areas southwest of Boston. Highs 75-82. Wind NE-E 5-15 MPH.

WEDNESDAY NIGHT: Partly cloudy. Lows 58-65. Wind variable under 10 MPH.

THURSDAY: Mostly sunny. Highs 80-87. Wind variable up to 10 MPH.

THURSDAY NIGHT: Partly cloudy. Lows 60-67. Wind W up to 10 MPH shifting to NE.

FRIDAY: Mostly sunny. Highs 70-77. Wind NE 5-15 MPH.

DAYS 6-10 (JULY 4-8)

Independence Day Weekend July 4-5 looks fair with moderate temperatures due to Canadian high pressure in control, coolest likely along the coast. Warmer and more humid weather returns in the July 6-8 period with a slight increase in the risk of showers and thunderstorms.

DAYS 11-15 (JULY 9-13)

Expecting a shift toward a shift to a more zonal flow pattern with minor disturbance, mainly dry weather, and temperatures near to above normal.

69 thoughts on “Monday June 29 2020 Forecast”

  1. Good morning and thank you TK.
    Interesting day yesterday. Just when I thought we were done
    a cell popped up around 11:30-Midnight between here and Framingham, seemingly out of no where. It wasn’t there and then we heard thunder and there it was. Most of that passed just North of here.

    We were hearing thunder off and on from about 1:30 yesterday afternoon until just after midnight early this morning, but
    we really only received the one good storm around 1:30-2 PM
    yesterday. That one actually produced some hail, but I did not
    see it.

    On the day, received 1.07 inches in ye ole rain gauge. Logan got more, but then they got a little more of the 1st cell yesterday afternoon.

    Now, what will today bring. I presume more cloudiness equates to less or certainly less potent activity today. So far very cloudy here, temp 69.

  2. Thank you, TK.

    WxWatcher, great comment yesterday. You, JMA, and TK should team up and produce two books: A non-fiction guide to weather in SNE; and a weather novel featuring characters from WHW.

    1. And the novel would be made into a movie 🙂

      Imagine the possibilities for actors 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Thanks TK !

    Yesterday was a fun weather day and Cape Cod got equal time in this morning with some thunderstorms.

      1. very interesting, thanks JpDave !

        Lots of little things already happening.

        Hopefully, any heavier showers avoid long stays in those small zones that saw anywhere btwn 3 to 6 inches of rain yesterday.

  4. You have the broad overall spin over a large area, then there is that small spin in those showers/storms over north-central Mass ….. I believe where that spin heads is a watcher !

    1. last few frames on east side of that spin, near Worcester, both satellite and radar showing cells starting to pop !!

  5. Thanks TK
    It looks like the thunderstorms that form today won’t pack the punch they did yesterday. As I said on the blog yesterday it went from rumbles of thunder to pouring rain and strong wind gusts along with pea size hail where I was.

  6. And something is trying to bubble up just south of Boston.

    North wind at Logan, light east wind at harbor buoy, so maybe some convergence there ???

    1. Why can’t we get this convergence in the winter? Imagine if yesterday was December instead of June! 😀

      1. Maybe not this past winter, but we do get excellent convergence in intense snow bands on coastal storms. I think an example is a band that dropped 3-4 inch snow rates on Mark during a storm some winters ago.

  7. I wonder what we might see in northern RI area the next hour or so …… they are getting some decent sun right now.

  8. Pretty decent cell not far NW of Boston. It “may” slide just
    South of the City. Close for sure.
    Contains lightning and with the colder air aloft, could easily contain small hail.

      1. We are in Mansfield now and much better but watching what’s evolving on radar is just awful up in that area and even areas surrounding that.

  9. Another day, another downpour and still raining albeit lightly. Not nearly as long lasting like yesterday.

    I would say our abnormally dry times are now behind us for awhile anyway. The drought monitor should be pleased when updated later this week (every Thursday?)

  10. While I do like this format compared to the others, the only issue for me is that it doesn’t distinguish ‘replies’ at first glance. The dividing line between comments is a bit shorter if you look real closely.

  11. Thanks TK!
    Jp Dave quick question for you. Do you use the radar scope pro app for your radar and storm velocity? If so would you say that it’s worth the $ spent on that app? Thinking of getting it. Thanks.

    1. I purchased it for the $9,99 or whatever the initial was.
      With that I get the Storm Relative velocity display which
      shows T-storm rotation very well.

      I did upgrade to the PRO version. See display below:

      I like the dual pane capability where I would typically display
      the Composite radar in one pane and the Storm Relative Velocity in another pane to monitor rotation.

      Do you have the regular radar scope? And just want to know
      if the $9.99 per year is worth it? I dunno, it’s not a lot
      of money, so I guess it is worth it.

      I don’t have it anymore because my credit card kept getting hacked and had to get a replacement. Then they couldn’t bill it and I never really re-newed it. SO I guess that might be telling.

      Sorry if I am rambling.

      I will say one thing.

      I LOVE radar Scope!!!!!!!

      1. Thanks so much for the feedback! I just downloaded the pro tier 1 version. I’m going to mess around with it. Perfect weather for a trial run. I’ll let you know what I think. Hearing some deep thunder to my north attm.

        1. Just saw that to your north. I like radar scope but tend to start with RadarUS which was free and is easy for me to use. That said, you are more knowledgeable than I am so I go with the primer first and then switch to radar scope

          1. Thanks Vicki. I’m liking this already. Good trial run with lots of storms popping today.

  12. Best storm we’ve had in a while winding down. Lots of lightning strikes in the neighborhood. Very heavy rain for the past 20 minutes. Cell moving south into Berkley.

  13. Thanks TK.

    Sunny, warm, and bone dry here again. Let’s see how unlucky we can get again today!

        1. Pathetic. I’d have to be extremely unlucky to end up with 0.00″ in the rain gauge again today. Hoping those storms sliding from VT and NH hold together as they slide south.

  14. Down in Sandwich, on the upper Cape.

    Fog and low clouds have settled in, but the weird part was hearing thunder. Now that I’ve peaked at a radar, I am happy its from the storms over New Bedford that are going to miss Sandwich.

    Its kind of strange to hear thunder, but not be able to see where the dark clouds might be because the whole sky is uniformly clouded over and the fog is adding to the very low ceiling.

  15. We had a bit of thunder. The rain has been light to moderate when we’ve had it so very nice for gardens and lawn. After yesterday T&L wise, it will be a long while before that is topped. Rain wise we didn’t get nearly what others did.

  16. JP Dave .. those cells last last night came right over my area. That’s when we got most of our rain, and yet another nocturnal lightning event. 5 strikes inside 1 mile, 2 of them inside 1/2 mile with one of them about 1500 feet away. And, I got the flash & “report” on video (again). 😉

    1. I looked at them on my phone just before crawling into bed.
      I thought of you sitting right underneath them. 🙂

      I’ll have to be happy with the one we got yesterday Afternoon.
      A nice storm to be sure. A severe storm? Uh, NOPE.

  17. Rain just tapered off with 0.45” in the gauge. Hoping for a bit more later. Now if we can just keep this going for a few more days…

    1. That would be nice. At least you received some rain, even if it wasn’t as much as you would have liked.

  18. Three days in a row I have gotten rain. Let’s see if the streak continues to four tomorrow.

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