Pleasant Black Friday


Some of you may have greeted Black Friday at midnight. But whether you were out there in the overnight chill and frost, or are out there today, or not out there at all, it’s a great weather day today. After a cold & frosty start, it’s turned milder with plenty of sun.

There are a couple of tweaks to the previous forecast, with one being that today’s high temperature will not be as high as I had forecast, and tomorrow’s will be a little higher than in the previous update. Tomorrow will be a great day to put up outside decorations, and I will be doing just that…

By Sunday, moisture will begin to increase in the form of more clouds, and temperatures will be down a little but though it will still be a mild day.

A frontal system and low pressure area will bring unsettled weather for the first few days of next week, which are also the last few days of November.

Looking a bit further ahead, there are signs of more frequent visits of colder air as December gets underway.

Boston Area Forecast Update…

THIS AFTERNOON: Mostly sunny. High 55-60. Wind SW up to 10 MPH.

TONIGHT: Mostly clear. Low ranging from upper 20s inland valleys to near 40 coast. Wind SW under 10 MPH.

SATURDAY: Partly cloudy. High 60-65. Wind SW up to 10 MPH.

SATURDAY NIGHT: Variably cloudy. Low 43-48. Wind S up to 10 MPH.

SUNDAY: Mostly cloudy. High 53-58. Wind SE 5-15 MPH.

MONDAY: Cloudy. Periods of rain. Low 44. High 56.

TUESDAY: Mostly cloudy. Showers likely. Low 42. High 52.

WEDNESDAY: Variably cloudy. Chance of showers. Low 35. High 48.

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    1. Be patient there Jimmy! I still like WW’s thoughts around mid-December for that real pattern change. This current one is going to take a lot of doing to get rid of. I like snow closer to Christmas anyway…if it comes too early, it has more time to melt away and you’re stuck with a bare Christmas just the same. In 1982 Boston had around a foot or so on Dec. 5-6 and was gone long before Christmas Day… THAT is what I call a waste of a good December snowstorm.

      1. I should add, my post below doesn’t mean “instant” pattern change. I agree with much of WW’s thoughts, and have all along. What’s ending is the persistence of the recent/current pattern. Transition has actually gotten underway, but it’s going to take time to make the complete change.

        1. I hit send by mistake. So I was saying That I agree winter feeling weather will be felt soon. Even though winter does not start till December 22. I still predict a plowable storm right before christmas, this seems to be the pattern the last few years. I have a strange feeling
          we could have another snowy winter with Jan and Feb bringing the snow and than a return to mild weather mid March. This is just a guess of course. But I still would bet snow before xmas.

  1. The Euro is starting to get its handle back on the pattern…as of the 12z run. The GFS has been the leader in signaling an overall pattern change, which I am becoming more and more convinced is getting ready to take place now.

    1. the 12z EURO is showing a nice western ridge at the end of the period, so perhaps that pattern change is in front of us.

  2. Interestingly, the TV mets and NWS have slightly different thoughts on the timing of early next week’s rain (the heaviest) within the Monday-Wednesday frame.

    TK, what are the complications here with this next system?

  3. As we were sitting on the deck tonight I could not help thinking the seasons have shifted. Cold weather has arrived later fir a while and left later but with some exceptions which could blow my theory out the window

  4. What a Day so far!! Can’t believe it’s the last weekend of November.
    NWS is on board for a pattern change in their morning discussion!!

    1. NWS:

      IN THE

  5. Great day out there to hit the links and do some yard work tomorrow. I now were are on bored time and eventually this mild pattern will end. I maybe off with the 8th as the day the regime change happens.

  6. What a day. All 8 airblowns in and secured out in the front of the house and the lights wrapped around the farmers porch will be dancing to the music tonight. My wife bought this music display system the day after christmas last year, it goes for$120 and they were selling them for $10 at rite aid. It is cool it plays 20 songs and 3 settings for the lights. She is out getting wreaths now and I will be done with the outside once those get hung tonight. We all decorated the tree last night. My 7 yr old son has been smiling non stop since yesterday morning, this is what christmas is all about here. He loves to decorate. I hope all of you can enjoy these wonderfull days leading up to christmas. I hope people got outside this weekend to do some decorating in this warm weather as it sure makes it easier.

  7. This morning as I was on my way to the corner store to buy a newspaper, a neighbor a few houses down was putting up Christmas lights/decorations. Might as well do it now while it’s warm. I remember my father years ago when I was a kid putting up the lights in the bone chilling cold. Thinking about it, back then (1960’s/70’s) there were very few mild days after Thanksgving. The temps got real chilly and there would always be that first snowfall for early December. I am not into the global warming, but I guess the weather patterns have changed considerably over the past half century or so. I believe that there will still be a few more mild if not warm days to come before the regime change. My date of the 19th is still on schedule. 🙂

    Today, I finished raking leaves and other yardwork for the season. This is the last week for leaf collection in the city of Boston (through Dec. 2). Thankfully most of the leaves all came down at once. I wore a light jacket and no hat. Who would have thought that I could do that in late November? 🙂

    1. Philip- We always start decorating on black friday. Let me tell you it was so nice to do in this weather. I remember plenty of times on the same weekend it was very cold. So glad its done. Im glad you got your leaves done. I would say your date for the change sounds good, if not before.

  8. OS the CPC just doesnt seem to jive with what NWS is writing Ot what some of the models are depicting. Very odd to me!

  9. It is amazing how much times have changed…back in my day even the earliest folks wouldn’t start decorating outside until 2 maybe 2 1/2 weeks before Christmas. I am somewhat taken aback at seeing home decorations on Thanksgiving weekend, if not a few days before, but it does make good sense to do it early before the pattern turns cold.

    1. Thanksgiving weekend Philip is now the kickoff to the holiday season. Many parades take place this weekend and tree lightings, like downtown yesterday. Pembroke has its big day next sunday. It is quite the job to decorate. My outside took 2days.

      1. Is Quincy’s Christmas parade this weekend or next? I have never been, but from what I have heard over the years it is a very big deal with “Santa” leading the way. 🙂

      2. John it takes us two outside and about four inside so like you I enjoy having it done so we can sit back and truly enjoy it. I can sit for a long while in the front window at night just looking at decorations and thinking of Christmas. I’m not really good at sitting still for long periods so my family enjoys it when I do as well:)

        1. We sat on the porch tonight watching the lights go to the christmas music, It was cool. The box is the GE system if anbody wants to grab one after christmas when it will be cheaper. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall in my neighbors kitchen tonight LOL.

    2. Philip my husband and I were just talking about that. We put our tree up the week of Dec 5 in 1978 because our wedding was the 9th and we wanted the decorations up. It was so early back then that we were almost embarrassed. When we were kids the tree went up on Christmas eve after we went to bed. Same for most then including my husband. Both our parents stopped that tradition and started putting it up earlier because they felt it was too much excitement all at once on Christmas morning

      1. LOL…especially your last sentence. When I was a kid, the tree went up about a week before Christmas. 🙂

    3. I’ve always been a fan and will always be a fan of decorations and lights for Christmas any time from the day after Thanksgiving. To me, Christmas is a season, rather than a day. I love driving around in the few weeks before Christmas and seeing the lights, etc. … I’m not a fan of seeing it before Thanksgiving since I love Autumn so much too, and Thanksgiving is truly an end-of-Autumn/harvest celebration, giving thanks for what is hopefully decent enough conditions to survive in.

      Once upon a time when there were 5 boys in this house with my mom & dad, they started sometime in early December. In more recent years, for decorating it has just been my parents with me helping them (it’s a 2-family in which my family is in the apartment above my parents’ house). The practice is to take Thanksgiving/Fall down on the day after Thanksgiving, and decorate the inside for Christmas and the outside (non-lights, lights are already on bushes from a couple weeks before to take advantage of good weather usually), during the final few days of November. No Christmas lights are turned on (other than testing) before December 1. On the 1st of the month, we light it up and it stays that way through January 1, then we step it down through January 6, and then it’s done for the season. It’s quite a project as this house has 17 rooms, all with at the very least lights in the windows, and some rooms fully-decorated in a mix of current and retro (from when we were little) decorations. It’s quite the undertaking, and I love it.

  10. It was a spectacular day to be at the beach. I wore a sweatshirt that I wear on many summer nights when there. Last year was very cold. There were also two goats being walked on the beach and a black Shetland pony being held on a lead next to me learning to the carolers. You gotta love it

    1. Glad you had fun.Just sitting down now for the night, long day decorating. Tomorrow I get a break as we are taking my son to a disney show in Rhode Island.

        1. I feel fine Vicki and heading back to work on Monday. I do not think I needed to be out all of last week. I need to make some diet changes, that is going to be a hard one for me. My wife and I got to spend some time togeather while he was in school so that was good. Thank’s for asking Vicki.

    1. It sure felt warmer than that in Pembroke today and yesterday. Philip if your going to the parade tomorrow leave early. It is a big parade that draws a large crowd no matter what the weather does. Warm tomorrow will bring even more people there. I would sugest you park at the wollaston T for free and than just walk up to hancock st. This is where we always went.

  11. AJ from ch25 was going back on warm novembers and 4 out of 5 winters came in below normal for snow. There are all these sayings out there does anybody buy into it.

  12. Spent the past two days in far northern NH, taking the family to Santa’s Village. Very fun time, lots of people yesterday.

    Weatherwise, so different up here. There’s snowcover from last week’s storm. Maybe 3 to 4 inches of wet snow on the ground. There’s been lots of low clouds and no wind, so the high temp has been in the upper 30s and the skies have cleared enough at night to let the lows get into the mid/upper 20s. With some fog, there’s a bit of frozen dew on everything in the morning..

    1. Tom I love santas village. I have a picture of my brother and me on santas lap when we were kids and then my kids on his lap and my daughter and husband took their sonnlast summer. It didn’t used to be open this late. So glad you had a nice time

      1. Thanks Vicki……..I guess its open the next 3 weekends, both Sat and Sun……… and then from 4-9pm on New Years Eve. Then it reopens next May on Memorial Day Weekend.

  13. Hello just back from San Francisco I almost stayed till next week but decided we had to come back, beautiful weather and a beautiful city, another question about here were we live, why on earth don’t we have here highway lights, I drive down 128 with no street lights, out in San Fran they make it much safer on highways with plentiful street lights on highways that r an hr outside city, here we drive in pitch black highways and most exit ramps, have a great day

    1. And why dont we have street lights timed so you don’t have to stop at every one and the next street name posted befor you get to it. I’d still take new England. I’d rather not have those things than worry about quakes and fires and mudslides

      1. I love new England but sometimes I think we live in the past, And when I go to other places I wonder why don’t we have that, I only brought it up cause I was driving on the highway not far outside Boston and it was pitch black as i was exiting onto 95 and was like this is awful, I think I noticed how dark it was here since San Fran was all about letting u know what’s ahead and well lit

    2. The answer’s simple really: All that stuff was built after we built ours, and it costs too much to fix it all at once here.

      But as Vicki says, I still choose here. I grew up here and there are just things you learn to live with if you stay. 🙂 It’s all fine with me…

      1. Nice way to phrase it TK. I smiled as I read what you wrote. I simply love this area and have wonderful memories of growing up here. My husband doesn’t really understand it since they moved all over world growing up but he’s special enough to try to understand.

  14. BTW put up a quick fcst update…

    Full discussion etc. tonight. Busy day yesterday. Outside decorating was done a little later than usual this year due to having to pull together a chaotic mess of old lights and cords, figure out what worked, and decide that I barely had enough to do a slightly reduced version of outside stuff this year and going to replace it all for next year. I’m actually quite excited about that… And at least the weather was fabulous to work out there.

    Woburn also had their lighting ceremony last night (annual tradition to have it the Saturday after Thanksgiving because so many people are in town for the weekend). Fun time. Oh, and my daughter’s birthday party after it. Great Bruins game too!

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