Monday Forecast


DAYS 1-5 (MARCH 16-20)
A chilly and dry start to the week courtesy Canadian high pressure. St. Patrick’s Day will feature weather you would often see in Ireland, chilly and damp with some light rain, which may start as snow for portions of northern MA and southern NH but with no accumulation. Another Canadian high brings fair and seasonably chilly weather back for Wednesday. Cancel the quick warm-up for Thursday as we stay on the colder side of the boundary as another wave of low pressure moves west to east across the region, and this one may start as snow for more of the region, with even some accumulation possible especially north and west of Boston, but eventually will end up as a rain event before ending and moving away. We will welcome the official start of spring that night, and the first full day of spring on Friday will be significantly warmer, but will feature a rain shower chance as low pressure heads through the Great Lakes and down the St. Lawrence Valley.
TODAY: Sunshine followed by increasing high clouds. Highs 35-42. Wind N up to 10 MPH.
TONIGHT: Clouds thicken and lower. Lows 27-34. Wind E under 10 MPH.
TUESDAY: Cloudy. Periods of light rain, but may start as snow and/or mix anywhere north of I-90 and especially southern NH. No accumulation of snow expected. Highs 42-49. Wind SE 5-15 MPH.
TUESDAY NIGHT: Clearing. Lows 28-35. Wind variable becoming NW 5-15 MPH.
WEDNESDAY: Sun and passing clouds. Highs 38-45. Wind NW 10-20 MPH.
WEDNESDAY NIGHT: Clouding over. Lows 25-32. Wind N up to 10 MPH.
THURSDAY: Cloudy. Snow arriving except rain/mix South Coast, with minor accumulation possible, then changing to rain in all locations. Highs 43-50. Wind NE 5-15 MPH shifting to SE.
THURSDAY NIGHT: Mostly cloudy. Temperatures steady 43-50 evening, rising into the 50s overnight. Wind SE up to 10 MPH evening, SW 10-20 MPH overnight.
FRIDAY: Mostly cloudy. Chance of rain showers. Highs 63-70. Wind SW 15-25 MPH.

DAYS 6-10 (MARCH 21-25)
Low pressure departs, high pressure moves in, bringing drier but colder weather for the first full weekend of spring March 21-22. Probably windy March 21 with passing fair weather clouds, and less windy March 22 but an increasing in high and mid level clouds may occur then. Unsettled weather potential March 23-24 with fair weather returning at the end of the period, based on projecting timing of systems. Continued fairly low confidence so this outlook will likely be tweaked significantly if needed.

DAYS 11-15 (MARCH 26-30)
Look for drier weather much of this period, temperatures trending to above normal, but still a low confidence forecast at this point.

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115 Responses to Monday Forecast

  1. South shore Kid says:

    Thank you Tk . It was chilly out today leaving the house at 3am .

  2. North says:

    Thanks TK.

  3. Longshot says:

    Thank you TK. It’s funny how it feels cold today relative to what we have experienced this winter. If we had a winter of frigid air, I would be saying how nice it is to have a warmer day.

  4. JpDave says:

    Good morning and thank you TK.

  5. Philip says:

    Thanks TK!

    I heard on the news this morning that Dr. Anthony Faucci is still suggesting a 14-day nationwide quarantine. I certainly hope any kind of widespread quarantine like in Italy can be avoided here.

    Just wondering. Is he connected to the White House?

  6. South shore Kid says:

    I was curious to see how the city would look on Monday . At least in this medical area it seems like a typical Monday morning with traffic & pedestrians.

  7. Dr. Stupid says:

    Thanks tk. Trying not to have any dread in these times is difficult. The first presumptive positive case in Hingham was announced yesterday. I want to share my comment from yesterday for anyone that may have missed it: “I wanted to share this article out of france with all of you:

    Bottom line – should you get sick avoid anti inflammatories if you can.”

  8. Sue says:

    Thank you TK!

  9. Dr. Stupid says:

    7 day forecasts from around the dial:

  10. Scott77 says:

    Thanks TK

  11. JpDave says:

    Did anyone watch channel 5 news at 11 last night?

    They showed about 3 persons who are sick and CANNOT get tested.
    This testing business is pure BULLSHIT! We are being lied to….

    If someone is sick they should be allowed to be tested!!!
    Just the shear mental anguish of NOT knowing can tear someone apart.

    My son is still sick. He was told my his pcp that they didn’t have the tools to test him.
    That “may” change today or tomorrow.

    Now my wife isn’t feeling well and we don’t know what is going on with her.
    We will likely be calling here pcp today, likely to be told the same damn thing!!!
    Isolate for 2 weeks to make certain, WITHOUT A DAMN test)(!@&*#&*(!@&#*!

    Testing is CRITICAL!!!

    I can’t even FATHOM how many people who actually HAVE coronavirus are walking around out there!!! The virus will EXPLODE, not doubt about because it has
    NOT been handled properly.

    People who are not that sick will continue to go out, unless they are test and KNOW
    they have it. Most people who can’t get tested are going to say screw it, they don’t think I need a test, then I AM GOING ABOUT MY BUSINESS as usual.

    I am so PISSED OFF I can’t even begin to describe it!

    My RANT for the day.

    PS I am watching the number of cases sky rocket rapidly.

    • Scott77 says:

      I don’t blame you one bit and am sorry to hear this.

    • Vicki says:

      JPD – please understand that you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers. And you are so right. If only everyone would listen – but some will not and that is the saddest part of this.

    • South shore Kid says:

      Hey old salty I am sincerely sorry man I really am . Please take care of your family . I’m on the frontline here & I am petrified of my wife & son getting this . I’m Working 12 hour shifts here as we have extra precautions work that I’m involved in . What burns me is the people that aren’t listening ( oh I’m healthy I won’t get it & if I do I’ll shake it off , I’m going to hang at the mall , let’s have a party tonight etc . WAKE UP !!! Nobody knows what is going to go down but I am being told from a reliable source ( I can’t name ) saddle up because it’s going to be here for awhile at least through the entire spring . Schools will more Than likely not open . The state better wake up because this is not a minor inconvenience it’s going to be major . We all need to be responsible . Hang in there buddy please

      • JpDave says:

        100% Correct John. I don’t always agree with you, but
        we’re lock step on this one! Take Care.

    • Tom says:

      Sorry my friend ! Hoping your son and wife feel better soon !

      We’re hear to listen and offer encouragement.

      • JpDave says:

        Neither one of them is seriously ill, it’s more a question
        of do they have it or not? It affects our lives so much for the
        next 2 weeks. Peace of mind. Being able to go out. etc etc etc.
        We’re wiping down the TV remotes, phone etc constantly.
        Pain in the ass!!

  12. Longshot says:

    The forecasts say the stock market will take a punch in the mouth at least to start the day off.

    • Longshot says:

      Down more than 2,000 points as of this posting. Hoping this improves. I’m surprised they are allowing traders on the floor.

  13. Longshot says:

    I believe the USA will need to do more to get ahead of the virus. We have to take what looks like disproportionate steps to contain it. Viruses do not spread in a linear, predictable manner. They spread in almost a random, chaotic manner. Tough to get ahead of something you can’t see, hear or smell, and don’t know where it’s going next.

    I am still hoping that the summer heat and sunlight will play a role in reducing the threat. Hopefully this is not wishful thinking on my part.

    • Tom says:

      Thanks Longshot !

    • Dr. Stupid says:

      This article gives different simulations for a virus spread in different situations. Really helped me understand spread rate with the two types of social distancing –

      • Tom says:

        Thanks again Dr Stupid. I don’t have the source on-hand, but I read that there is a spread number assigned to viruses and the flu has a number btwn 0 and 1. The corona virus is at 3. So, if I recall that math correctly, the first person infects 3, those 3 affect 3 each and so the math goes 1-3-9-27-81-243-729-2,187 and as you can imagine, when you get through 15 layers of spread or 3 to the 15th power, you get a number in the millions.

        • Dr. Stupid says:

          I’ve made a comment below that has the basic spread data you’re talking about compared to other viruses including the flu.

  14. Dr. Stupid says:

    I think this really hits home. Italian newspaper february obituary section compared to two days ago

  15. Tom says:

    Thanks TK !

  16. JimmyJames says:

    Thanks TK.

  17. Tom says:

    If anyone has a barometer, the pressure is running very high, 30.62 to 30.68 inches or around 1,038 mb. Seems this pattern will be offering more strong high pressure areas, perhaps up to 1,042 mb.

  18. Vicki says:

    Thank you, TK.

  19. Vicki says:

    I am working on doing things that are positive and avoiding as much as possible the news. However, Dr Stupid – thank you for the post re noninflammatory meds. I never have acetominaphen (sp?) for reasons not worth taking anyone’s time to explain. And of course you cannot find it anywhere. But I will keep trying.

    Meanwhile. I’m calling nursing homes to see if we can set up an email connection for kids in town and/or adults to send along pictures they drew of notes to the residents who can’t have visitors.

  20. Longshot says:

    Agree with JpDave. Scary!

  21. Dr. Stupid says:

    This is an image detailing just how different covid is vs the flu. I’ve been showing it to people when they roll their eyes and say covid is comperable to the flu. This is why things are shutting down across the board.

  22. Philip says:

    Just a thought: If we had more typical good old fashioned cold, snowy winter I wonder if the corona virus might be a bit more manageable. Has the very warm snowless winter greatly contributed? Would we be in a bit better place now? Could snow have cleansed the atmosphere?

    Does climate makes a difference?

    • Dr. Stupid says:

      Nothing in any of the medical papers or reports I have read seem to indicate this particular strain is affected by weather one way or the other. Heavy snow in the region would have made us more socially distant by virtue of impacted travel, however – but as weather isn’t universal across the contiguous United States once snow melted away we would have to be as socially distant as we need to be now.

  23. Mark says:

    Thanks TK.

    Tom mentioned the snow in the Sierras…this was a shot posted by Ryan Knapp of the MWO from his parents house in northern CA where 26″ new fell. Beautiful scene there.

    He notes in the comments that higher elevations had up to 50″. Unfortunately that powder will remain untouched at the Tahoe ski resorts.

  24. JimmyJames says:

    Not to get political here but Senator Romney proposing a $1,000 to everyone adult American during the cornavirus outbreak. I hope this gets traction as it would help all adults in this country especially those who are out of work for who knows how long due to the cornavirus.

    • Mark says:

      Sounds great but where is all that $$ going to come from?

    • Philip says:

      Ha Ha. Good luck that will ever happen. Realistically these days that amount only goes so far.

    • coastal says:

      You would have no place to spend it…. now way to get it into the laid off workers hands.

    • Vicki says:

      Smart man. Good for him.

    • Retrac says:

      Not enough for this society that is hooked onto $1,000 I phones. Way more needed and to come. Insofar as where it is going to come from, they’ll print every Penney of it and then multiply times 2. Our government never had any intention to pay our current debt down and that will apply to this as well. Print away. It’s what you get to do with the worlds reserve currency and top economy.

  25. Mark says:

    Oil down another 7% today to $29/barrel. How much lower can it go?

    Gas down another 20% and trading at 71 cents/gallon. That translates to $1.50-$1.80 at the pump. Expect gas prices at the pumps to continue to crash.

    Of course that is little consolation as I watch my entire retirement account liquidated before my eyes.

  26. Mark says:

    Andrew Cuomo

    #BREAKING: NY, CT and NJ are taking joint regional action to reduce the spread of #COVID19:

    Effective 8PM TONIGHT:

    -Crowd capacity reduced to 50
    -Restaurants/bars will be takeout/delivery ONLY
    -Gyms closed
    -Movie theaters closed
    -Casinos closed

  27. coastal says:

    The doom and gloom on here on the blog is getting to be a little too much. The horrible news reports are everywhere on the web and then get posted here for us to read again….

    People need a glimmer of hope, some good news……

    • Vicki says:

      There is actually some very good information here. After a bit I move away which we can all do but would not ask it to stop since it might well help others.

    • Vicki says:

      Join the FB page I mentioned above. Your kids can draw, scan and email pictures. I’m seeing so many come up with awesome ways to help. There are positives thankfully

    • matt says:

      Decreased pollution :)

  28. JimmyJames says:

    I wonder if we will see this in other states.
    Tweet from Kristen Holmes CNN
    New Jersey Governor issues statewide curfew–
    NJ residents are no longer allowed to travel from 8pm to 5am with the exception of essential travel, Governor Phil Murphy announced Monday. This remains in effect for the foreseeable future.

  29. JpDave says:

    My son’s Dr called back today. He still can’t be tested and to add insult to injury
    they said he didn’t need to be quarantined.

    This kind of inaction and the following is what will cause this virus to completely
    get out of control!!!!

  30. JpDave says:

    Canada has closed it’s borders.

  31. South shore Kid says:

    All construction in Boston has been suspended

  32. Dr. Stupid says:

    Since coastal requested some good news here you go:

    Ireland believes they have developed a test that can detect if you have covid 19 in a matter of 15 minutes rather than 4 hours:

    From what we can tell it’s not transmitted to newborns:

    Romney proposes giving every adult $1k:

    Taco Bell will pay employees affected by closures:

    Japanese students held an online graduation ceremony in the virtual world of Minecraft:

    South korean doctors have developed rewashable masks:

  33. JpDave says:

    San Francisco to implement 3 week city-wide lockdown.

  34. Dr. Stupid says:

    Max and his father Mel Brooks have a message for everyone:

    • Vicki says:

      Why do we need to keep telling people this

      And my tag line….you can’t fix stupid

      • Dr. Stupid says:

        Some just don’t know. Sometimes having an idol of yours say it can hammer it home. Even if one person gets educated it is worth it.

        • Vicki says:

          Oh I get why you are repeating and I agree. Sorry didn’t mean to sound as if I meant that. I have no idea how people don’t know by now

          I appreciate anyone who puts these out.

          This today on FB from one of our own here is probably fhe most powerful comment I’ve heard

  35. Dr. Stupid says:

    Bakers update today:

  36. South shore Kid says:

    President & mass nurses head saying what’s been out there this is here for awhile . President said June or July . Again folks this is just a sneak peak of what’s to come

  37. South shore Kid says:

    Multiple employees testing positive at the Brigham . Damn !!!!!

    • Vicki says:

      Saw that some were testing positive yesterday. Mass eye and ear also. Two.

      • South shore Kid says:

        One yesterday now it’s multiple. They are using the ambulance emergency bay for testing as well it’s really crazy walking by there

        • Vicki says:

          2 yesterday…brigham and mass eye and ear. And if possible numbers are better than multiple as that adds more fear

  38. Mark says:

    For those concerned about their stocks and investments, this is excellent news assuming Goldman Sachs is correct. While the stock market may but yet be done crashing, history of event driven recessions would indicate that the economy will make a substantial recovery second half of 2020…

    Key is not to panic and think long term. This is not the time to be making rash moves with your investments.

    • Scott77 says:

      Thanks Mark

    • Joshua says:

      Completely agree with your last statement. Most people should take a long term approach to investing, and not go in and out of the market. I do expect the market to eventually recover, though this year may be too optimistic. We’ve left ourselves little if any fiscal room to maneuver. Moreover, capital outlays (business and government investment) were down prior to coronavirus. This will produce a further downward spiral. You may be able to surmise I’m a deficit hawk. Not Ross Perot like. But, I really believe governments shouldn’t run massive deficits, especially in good times. Why? Because it leaves them so little space to come to the rescue without exacerbating existing problems.

    • Vicki says:

      Thanks Mark….this is awesome. I talked to my Merrill guy today. He said exactly the same. I’m positioned well. I’m older and should be. Market is down 35%. I’m down 4%….some from my RMD. He considers that a win. I’m just not looking day to day

  39. JimmyJames says:

    It’s a roller coaster ride when it comes to the markets. I have been told it will come back your in it for the long haul.

  40. South shore Kid says:

    Please use caution on your Facebook pages . I’m seeing a lot of nurse postings saying there Boston hospital is in shortage of masks & gowns . I find it odd that a nurse would post this , I find it odd that nurses saying they are using there money & asking the public to support. Partners said tonight they have enough supply. Just use caution .

  41. Mark says:

    Talk about rollercoaster….Dow futures up 674 points for tomorrow.

  42. Mark says:

    More good news in that the CV death rate is verifying much lower than the prior WHO predictions in the US…

    4576 cases in the country, 87 deaths (1.7% death rate)

    More than 10% of those cases (488) and 50% of the deaths (43) have occurred in King County, WA…most centered around that nursing home.

    Extracting King County, the US death rate has been an even 1%.

    • Dr. Stupid says:

      Any numbers are with a massive heap of salt since tests aren’t widely available

    • Coastal says:

      Good news!

    • JpDave says:

      I caution that it has not been here long enough. However, we’ll take any
      good news. Death rate in Italy is approaching 8% which is very alarming.
      We do NOT want to see that here.

  43. Mark says:

    Closer to home in New England, positive cases so far…..

    Maine 3
    NH 7
    VT 4
    MA 196
    CT 41
    RI 21

    TOTAL 272

    Zero fatalities

  44. Dr. Stupid says:

    Mark Rosenthals latest forecast

  45. Dr. Stupid says:

    00z gfs has a couple of potential small snow events on the table this thursday and next week wednesday. Interesting.

  46. Mark says:

    Moderate to heavy SNOW in Coventry CT with big white flakes and temp around 31F. Deck is completely covered.

  47. JpDave says:

    It is actually snowing here in JP. Roof tops all white, ground not so much.

  48. Mark says:

    1.5” of snow here in Coventry, 31F, and still snowing. Nearly collapsed in shock when I looked out the window!

  49. Woods Hill Weather says:

    New post…