11 thoughts on “C-19 Chat Post – May 13 2022”

  1. Thanks TK.

    Flags on all federal buildings lowered to half staff in memory of 1,000,000 Covid-19 victims.

  2. Apparently, North Korea refused a massive shipment of the Chinese vaccine, Sinovac, last November. So, most of the population is unvaccinated. This includes elderly folks and other vulnerable groups. The country will face “mass deaths,” according to experts. It will be worse than Hong Kong, where the case fatality rate reached around 5% at one point.

  3. Europeans are labeling BA.4 and BA.5 as variants of concern – an upgrade over variants of interest. So far, they’re not being sequenced much in the U.S. But, to be sure, we will have BA.4 and BA.5 ripples or waves. How much of an impact remains to be seen. For their impact we need to look to our closest peers in Europe. https://twitter.com/medriva/status/1525200942429540352

    One thing I failed to appreciate is that unlike the Spanish Flu – which took 2 years to burn through 3 or 4 successive waves – SARS-CoV-2 may not replicate this trajectory. Why? Increased mobility compared to 100 years ago. With tremendously increased mobility comes rapid transmission of new variants from continent to continent, more cases, more chances of mutations, etc …

    Also, when China does let go of its ZeroCovid policy, there will probably be millions of deaths there unless they vaccinate and boost better than they’re currently doing. Also, as I may have noted before, North Korea is going to see a massive wave of deaths.

  4. Worcester is now “highly recommending” masks indoors in public places. No mandate though.

    1. Out here recommending doesn’t make a huge difference, but at least Worcester is showing some semblance of good sense

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